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By Daryll's Nursery, Jun 30 2018 06:16PM

Hannah Will be learning all there is to know about plants while helping update our customers on Social media about our current events and plant knowledge. We welcome Hannah with open arms and are excited to teach her the ways of the plant world.

By Daryll's Nursery, Mar 7 2018 02:16AM

The Nursery will be open for the season starting March 21st.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and wonderful landscape plants with you and your garden. To show our excitement in this upcoming season, we have decided to do a Daylily Deal. Buy One Get One FREE of all our 1 gallon potted Daylilies. What a deal. Pictured are just a few to choose from.

Bring us your gardening questions and we will give you 40 years of gardening experience and knowledge.

By Daryll's Nursery, Nov 16 2017 03:38AM

The Nursery is now open by appointment only or by chance until March.

We still have lots of plants on sale but we are doing more pruning this time of year and have to cut back on open hours.

Call us to schedule your Nursery shopping appointment or your FREE Pruning estimate.

By Daryll's Nursery, Nov 8 2017 02:11AM

We are gearing up for Ornamental tree and shrub pruning so nursery hours are being reduced.

Call to schedule your Free pruning estmate now and get your trees pruned now!

We will begin fruit tree, shrub & vine pruning after a good frost in December-January until about March.

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